Sound Direction

Howard Audio’s founder and general head honcho, Adam Howard, is a multitalented guy, so much so that we’ve had to come up with a term to describe exactly what he does. As Howard Audio’s newly named "Sound Director", Adam combines original music, sound design, final mix, performance and musical direction to connect with listeners on a whole new level.


Original and Licensed Music

As one of South Africa’s leading media composers, Adam Howard and his team provide bespoke and licensed music for commercials, events, films, and albums. Howard Audio also offer multi-composer representation in New York, Amsterdam, London and Serbia, through composers who are equipped to provide multiple options of pilots in lightning-fast turnaround times.


Sound Design and Final Mix

Our sound designers aim to create a unique sound for every job. From jingles to voice recommendations, we help shape the sound of a brand using audio as an experience to connect clients with customers.


Musical Direction

Howard Audio also provides musical direction for live event performances. Apart from acting as the creative force behind the Johannesburg Big Band, Adam is also musical director to William Kentridge, who commissioned him to conduct edit and co-arrange music for the artist’s avant-garde chamber opera, Refuse the Hour.